Content Strategy is about making your content work harder so you don't have to

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How Content Strategy Can Help Your Business

You know that great content will help your users understand your product and get excited about it. You're pretty sure that it will make you money by turning site visitors into customers. And you know that curated content trumps more content. The only thing is you don't have the time or expertise to develop a content strategy plan in-house. This is where I come in.

My name is Hannah Adcock and I'm a content strategist. I can help you with content pain points like these:

  • We want to use content to grow our start-up. How can we do this? What will it cost?
  • We're doing a site redesign and want to know: what content should we keep, what should we bin and what should we create?
  • Most of our team produce content so our brand message can feel unfocused. How can we pull all our content together?

What I do changes from project to project and runs the gamut from analytical to creative. Below are a few suggestions of what I might do in certain scenarios:


Growing your business using content

I will help you plan for the creation, maintenance and governance of content that supports your key business goals and meets user need. To ensure that you are consistently producing quality on-brand content that users want to read and share I can deliver a content calendar, content templates, personas, brand cues and a style guide. I can also undertake a content audit, gap analysis and competitor analysis to spot areas where you could make some 'quick wins' in terms of your conversion rate. Finally, I can advise on major conceptual changes that would potentially offer a substantial return on investment.


Redesigning your website

If you have a low conversion rate, your company has changed its business model or you just feel that your site is out-of-date, then you might be considering a partial or complete website redesign. I can help by seeing how people are engaging with your site and what your users think of your site. I can then draw up wireframes for key pages, offer page-level content guidelines and sometimes also write the copy. This content-first approach to a website redesign will ensure that your website is user-friendly and focused on your business goals. It will also make life easier for designers and developers down the line, resulting in a cost saving for your company.


Small-steps improvements

I can help you make small changes to your website that will offer a measurable return on investment. I can help with wireframing new landing pages and writing copy; redesigning a few key pages as a test case; and undertaking some basic user research. I can also help you develop your brand by clarifying your communication goals (so you offer a clear value proposition to your users) and brand cues (so your website is memorable).


One-off project or on-going support

I'm happy to work on one-off projects. However, I can offer a few companies a monthly content strategy service if you don't have a content strategist in-house. I charge £300 a day for short-term projects. For longer-term projects please get in touch for a quotation.

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My Projects

After spending ten years working as a freelance project manager, editor and writer, I decided in 2013 that I needed more of a challenge: content strategy fitted the bill perfectly. I'm loving it so far. See below for some examples of my content strategy work.

How I Work

I usually write in Markdown/HTML and commit to Github when I'm working with tech startups. Otherwise, I tend to use GoogleDocs. I can be flexible though, and I'm happy to advise on workflow options that will streamline the content production process.

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SendOwl makes it easy for you to sell your digital products online. George, founder of SendOwl, wanted to use content to grow the company. I've worked on a content calendar, blog template, personas, brand cues and a style guide to ensure SendOwl are consistently producing compelling, branded content. I've also done a content audit, gap analysis and competitor analysis to spot areas where we can achieve some 'quick wins' in terms of the website and onboarding process. I also write and edit copy for Sendowl.

screenshot of part of a SendOwl blog post on bitcoins: Get Paid in Bitcoins! More than $20 million is traded daily using Bitcoins. Be part of the action.


Drew Neil, founder of Vimcasts, wanted to increase people's engagement with the site by making the content easier to navigate on all devices, increase traffic to the site through a broader social media strategy, and give more visibility to training, publications and pro-screencasts. I helped with user research and interpretation of the metrics. I also wireframed key pages (for different viewports), including two new landing page, as well as edited existing copy and created new copy where necessary. I've blogged about my content strategy work on Vimcasts.

Vimcasts new homepage

Creative Touch Beauty Studio

Creative Touch Beauty Studio had an outdated website that wasn’t optimised for different viewports. I carried out some user research to test demand for online booking, vouchers and beauty tips. I then advised on the creation and maintenance of new content and wireframed key pages. I built the website using SquareSpace. As part of the project, I also advised on how the Studio could use content marketing to drive traffic to their new and improved website.

Creative Touch website on a small viewport Creative Touch website on a small viewport showing the products page

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