Content strategy for solopreneurs, startups and growing businesses

Why your content matters – probably more than you think

  • Effectively targeted content will get customers interested in your product and guide them towards a buying decision
  • Interesting and relevant content keeps them engaged with your product even after they’ve made their first purchase
  • Useful and easy to understand content reduces the cost of servicing that customer
  • Content strategy will help you scale without lapsing into a 'feed the content beast' mentality, which offers a poor return on investment and can decimate team morale

However, many solopreneurs, startups and growing businesses overlook the importance of content, because they are focused on other matters. And this leads to lost sales, increased costs and general frustration. Don't let that happen to you!

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What can you expect from this book? Answers to 9 common business challenges

  • Strategy: We want to grow faster and think good content will help, but we need to make the business case for content strategy first
  • Audience: We’re not sure if we’re reaching potential customers and whether they understand what we’re offering
  • Persuasion: We want to show people why they should buy from us rather than someone else
  • Engagement: We want to improve user engagement with our website but don’t know where to start
  • UI Design: Our app design/website design is great but users are getting stuck on certain tasks
  • Content marketing: We want our content marketing to offer a better return on investment
  • Conversion: Our main landing pages look good but don’t convert well
  • Collaboration: We find it hard to get our team, including freelancers, to produce content in a consistent style – if at all
  • Revision: We don't want to lose customers by having outdated content

Who is this book for? Anyone involved with a startup or growing business

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    Learn how to use content strategically to drive sales and reduce costs
  • solopreneurs

    Learn how you can use content to gain a competitive advantage
  • Content leads

    Make sure you're extracting the maximum value from the minimum amount of content
  • Project managers

    Prevent project creep, seagulling and spiralling costs by getting content right at the start of projects
  • Technical leads

    Appreciate how content strategy will help keep your project agile.
  • Designers and developers

    Make sure your excellent efforts aren't scuppered by poor quality content.

Isn't content just copywriting and a few images?

No – it's much more than that!

Your content certainly includes copywriting and media assets like images, video and audio on your main site or app. However it also includes microcopy, a company intranet or wiki, an external help section, emails and newsletters, social media, print brochures and any other asset that help customers understand what you do and why they should care.

Content strategy as the linchpin

If you are strategically approaching content then you will inevitably find yourself thinking about the design of your site, the information architecture, the user experience, the efficiency of your processes, and much more. Content strategy is the linchpin that holds all these practises together.

About me – the author!

I'm a technologically-minded content strategist who specialises in helping startups and quick-moving companies grow their business through content. I have an MA in English from Cambridge University and a MSc (distinction) in Global Politics from the London School of Economics.

Content Startegy for Solopreneurs, Startups and Growing Businesses – get on the waiting list!

Sign up today and I'll email you with launch information about the book – and a discount coupon.