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  • 17 May 2019 » How good is your content? Find out with a content audit

    The first job I always do for a new client is a content audit. This is the best way to quickly find out how your existing content is performing. You have limited time and money. Spend it on content improvements that will get you the best return for the least amount of work.

  • 21 Sep 2018 » How to measure and improve your SaaS content - and why you should bother

    This is a blog post for SaaS founders who don't really like content but have a niggling feeling it is important and they could do better. Content is important, you can do better, and in this post I will show you how.

  • 12 Jun 2018 » How to write a book when you don't have any time. By a working mum.

    In this post I talk about how you can write the book you've always dreamed about, even with your many responsibilities, if you just follow a few basic guidelines. I also encourage you to bin unhelpful concepts like multitasking, the superwoman (or superman) complex, and feeling guilty.

  • 27 Jul 2017 » Focus on content strategy rather than marketing and grow your startup

    If you are a startup, solopreneur or growing business, then marketing can be a confusing area. However, if you instead focus on what content your customers need then you can begin to turn content into an enjoyable and profitable asset.

  • 14 Jun 2017 » We want to grow our startup faster and think content strategy will help

    Many solopreneurs, startups and growing businesses overlook the importance of content, because they are focused on other matters. However, this leads to lost sales and increased costs. In this article I’ll give you an overview of how you can make sure you have content that drives growth and increases productivity.

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