Turn your content into a competitive advantage

I'm a technologically-minded content strategist who specialises in helping startups and quick-moving companies grow their business through content. I have an MA in English from Cambridge University and a MSc (distinction) in Global Politics from the London School of Economics. I can help with the following scenarios

Use content to drive sales

High quality, relevant content is the greatest competitive advantage you can create for yourself online. This is because content attract people to your site, explains what your product is and why people should buy it, shows that you are a credible business, and builds brand loyalty. This is an ongoing process. Read more about how you can use content strategy to drive sales.

Create user-focused websites

If you are considering a partial or complete website redesign I can help by identifying who your customers are, what information they need when, and what key messages you want to convey to them. This content-first approach will ensure that your website is user-friendly and tightly focused on your business goals. A beautifully designed website will convert badly if user need and content are given only minimum attention. Read more about how I can help you with a website redesign.

Try out content strategy

In an initial discovery session, we'll identify what changes to your content will potentially offer you the greatest return on investment, given your budget and resources. We can then work together to implement these changes and measure their success. Read more about how you can try out content strategy.

Ongoing content strategy support

I regularly work on one-off projects, particularly website redesigns. However, I offer a few companies a monthly content strategy service, working an agreed number of days per month. Because I often work for relatively lean teams, I tend to combine the roles of content strategist, content marketer, ux designer and copywriter. Get in touch at hannah@contentedstrategy.com for more information.

Content Strategy for Solopreneurs, Startups, Charities and Growing Businesses

This book will help you tackle 12 common business challenges including making sure you're reaching everyone who could be a customer, persuading people to buy from you and not a competitor, and how you can get your team to produce useful usable content. Read more about the ebook.

You'll learn

  1. How thinking strategically about your content will drive growth
  2. Practical tips on creating content strategy deliverables that will save you time and money
  3. How to create a content strategy for your company in 4 weeks
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My portfolio

I work for startups, fast-moving businesses and agencies. Although I specialise in the tech sector, I have also worked on consumer product launches as well as for specialist consultancies.

How I work

I enjoy writing in Markdown/HTML and committing to Github when I'm working with tech startups. Otherwise, I tend to use GoogleDocs. I can be flexible though, and I'm happy to advise on workflow options that will streamline the content production process.


SendOwl is an independent ecommerce platform for digital products. My job is to ensure they are consistently producing (and maintaining) compelling, branded content that fulfils key business goals. As their content strategist, my job description includes: working on our content marketing strategy, overseeing our help section, making improvements to our onboarding process and creating internal documentation so the team functions smoothly. We're currently working on significant user interface improvements. I also write and edit copy for SendOwl.

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Artios is a digital agency that uses maths to grow their client's companies. I work with Artios on a consultancy basis as their director of content strategy. In terms of content, Artios specialises in these areas: insight and planning; branding and user research; conversion rate optimisation; copywriting and wireframing; content marketing; and future planning. Their clients include tech companies like Xoomworks, as well as innovative medical product companies like bcalm.

Hire me

Get in touch at hannah@contentedstrategy.com so we can talk about what you need.