Content should help solve your business problems.

It shouldn't be one.

Why you need content strategy to grow your startup or SME

Put simply, content strategy involves looking at all your content – not just your marketing content – to see which improvements will help your company grow faster. I do this by making sure I understand exactly how your company works and who your customers are.

You need to know what will work for your company, and this requires strategy rather than imitation.

Which content in your company needs improving?

What I do and how I work

I work with entrepreneurs who are excellent at building a product but struggle with their content strategy. As a result, their company isn't growing as fast as they want – because they have a content problem. Their product is fine.

I'll go in and do an initial content appraisal – often a content audit. This means I look at all your content (or a decent selection of it) and make recommendations about what you need to change, archive or create. Occasionally, I'll go on to create and revise content myself.

Want to do your own content audit? Read my blog post: How good is your content? Find out with a content audit

Content Strategy for Solopreneurs, Startups, Charities and Growing Businesses

This book will help you tackle 12 common business challenges including making sure you're reaching everyone who could be a customer, persuading people to buy from you and not a competitor, and how you can get your team to produce useful usable content. Read more about the ebook.

You'll learn

  1. How thinking strategically about your content will drive growth
  2. Practical tips on creating content strategy deliverables that will save you time and money
  3. How to create a content strategy for your company in 4 weeks
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Who I've worked with

I work with startups, fast-moving businesses and agencies. Although I specialise in the tech sector, I have also helped medical companies, boat share clubs and wellness organisations

How I work

I usually write in in Markdown/HTML (using Sublime) and commit to Github, when I'm working with tech startups. Otherwise, I tend to use GoogleDocs. I can be flexible though, and I'm happy to advise on workflow options that will streamline the content production process.

Feature Upvote

I currently work with Feature Upvote. We provide simple feedback boards with in-built voting functionality to a global client base. As content strategist, I'm responsible for planning, creating and revising all content. In the year since I started, our Google organic traffic has grown by 188%.

Feature Upvote founder Steve McLeod writes:

Hannah brought sorely-needed professionalism and systematic process to our content strategy. Our content has become more unified in style, voice, and intent.

Hannah helped us listen to existing customers to find out what problem they were trying to solve when they found us, why they chose us, and why they've stuck around. She then used that information to rework our content. We've quickly achieved a return on investment from Hannah's work


SendOwl is an independent ecommerce platform for digital products. As their content strategist, I worked on their content marketing strategy and SEO content, improving their onboarding process and creating internal documentation so the team functioned smoothly.

SendOwl founder George Palmer writes:

Hannah has done a fantastic job as Content Strategist for SendOwl. She brought us up to speed on best practices, identified areas we needed to address and put a plan in place to tackle it. She takes ownership of the tasks to be completed and consistently goes over and above what we see as her duties as the "content strategist role". Highly recommended.

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