Drive sales through content

Your content should clearly explain how your product or service will benefit your customer – which means understanding exactly who your customers, what they want and what content appeals to them. It should also show why they should buy from you and not a competitor; that you are credible; and that you are memorable. All your content should work towards these goals. Read more about driving sales through content.

Get the best results from a web redesign

Customers come to you because they have a problem, a need or a question and they think you can help. If you give them what then need when they are more likely to buy from you. If you give them a memorable experience that exceeds their expectations then they will recommend you to their friends, colleagues and random people on social media. Read more about how you can manage a content-first website redesign.

Try out content strategy

You're already spending time and money on your content. Make sure that you're getting the maximum return from that investment through content strategy. Even small improvements can make a significant difference to your key metrics. Make your content work harder so you don't have to. Read more about trying out content strategy.

"Hannah has done a fantastic job as Content Strategist for SendOwl. She brought us up to speed on best practices, identified areas we needed to address and put a plan in place to tackle it. She takes ownership of the tasks to be completed and consistently goes over and above what we see as her duties as the "content strategist role". Highly recommended. George Palmer, founder of SendOwl.