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You're already spending time and money on your content, so make sure that you're getting the maximum return from that investment by using content strategy. Even small improvements can make a significant difference to your key metrics. Aim to make your content work harder – so you don't have to. Find out how

Refocus your brand

All your content should provide users with a consistent, memorable and smooth experience. If you have decent design but relatively unbranded content then users will become disoriented – and you'll probably lose sales as a result. Content strategy deliverables like a message architecture workshop and a style guide will help you refocus your brand without the need for an expensive agency rebrand.

Tackle points of friction in your sales funnel

If you want to drive more sales, then you need to identify what points in your sales funnel are causing your customers to stop, reconsider and leave. Content strategy encourages you to take a holistic look at your content, and at your site visitors, to determine points of friction – and then to smooth them out. This might mean improving your onboarding process, optimising your landing pages or refining your calls to action. We'll then test any changes to ensure they improve your bottom line.

Reach more customers

Reaching more customers is challenging online when everyone else is shouting for attention as well. Content strategy deliverables like editorial calendars, content templates and a message architecture can help you refocus your outbound marketing, advertising and social media to get the best results. More content isn't always better content; and any publicity isn't always good publicity. You should only produce useful and usable content that improves your key metrics – not your vanity ones!

"Hannah has done a fantastic job as Content Strategist for SendOwl. She brought us up to speed on best practices, identified areas we needed to address and put a plan in place to tackle it. She takes ownership of the tasks to be completed and consistently goes over and above what we see as her duties as the "content strategist role". Highly recommended. George Palmer, founder of SendOwl.

Key benefits of content strategy

  • Remove friction from your sales funnel
  • Refocus your content marketing to get results
  • Get rid of content that is stopping customers buying
  • Test and measure success

Content strategy packages

  • Refresh your brand
  • 2 hour message architecture workshop
  • message architecture report
  • short style guide
  • £699
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  • Smooth your sales funnel
  • assessment of your metrics
  • 1 hour conversation about challenges
  • 10 hours work on deliverables
  • £799
  • Contact me
  • Focus your content marketing
  • report containing analysis, ideas and suggested improvements
  • content templates x 1-2
  • 3-month editorial calendar
  • £999
  • Contact me

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