Confused about content? Fed up with marketing? Unsure whether your content is any good or not?

These are all common problems, but ignoring your content is not an option. Not if you want your business to grow. Because great content drives profit.

  • Persuasive content will persuade customers to buy your product
  • Targeted content will persuade customers to buy more, upgrade and cheerlead your product
  • Quality content will be rewarded by search engines
  • Coherent content will give your brand a competitive advantage over competitors

What you need is a strategic and logical approach to content. Let me show you how.

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Why buy this book? Because content is vital to the success of your business.

A triumphant book on how content can (and should) make a positive change in your business. Hannah understands that time is precious but that strategic content drives profits. This is like a cheatsheet to understanding why you should focus on content for your growing business.

Charlie Irish, Bootstrapped Meetup Founder

This book is an example of how every business book should be! Step-by-step instructions. Practical examples. Real world application. It's great for anyone who wants to get started with content strategy; and even content veterans might learn a thing or two!

James Milliron, Founder of Inflayt

What can you expect from this book? Answers to 12 common business challenges

  • Audience: Reach your customers and make sure they understand what you’re offering
  • Strategy: Use content to drive growth
  • Investment: Make the business case for content strategy
  • Persuasion: Show people why they should buy from you (or invest in you)
  • Engagement: Give your content a MOT to improve user engagement
  • UI Design: Make sure users don’t get stuck on certain tasks
  • Content marketing: Ensure your content marketing offers a good return on investment
  • Conversion: Ensure your landing pages get people to take a desired action
  • Cross-border content: Plan content that works in different countries
  • Collaboration: Encourage your team to produce useful usable content
  • Revision: Keep your content up-to-date and relevant
  • Getting Started: Plan a content strategy in four weeks

Content is much more than just copywriting

Content includes all these assets

Your content certainly includes copywriting and media assets like images, video and audio on your main site or app. However it also includes microcopy, a company intranet or wiki, an external help section, emails and newsletters, social media, print brochures and any other asset that help customers understand what you do and why they should care.

Content strategy as the linchpin

If you are strategically approaching content then you will inevitably find yourself thinking about the design of your site, the information architecture, the user experience, the efficiency of your processes, and much more. Content strategy is the linchpin that holds all these practises together.

Who is this book for? Anyone involved with a startup or growing business

  • icon of CEO


    Learn how to use content strategically to drive sales and reduce costs
  • solopreneurs

    Learn how you can use content to gain a competitive advantage
  • Content leads

    Make sure you're extracting the maximum value from the minimum amount of content
  • Project managers

    Prevent project creep and spiralling costs by getting content right at the start of projects
  • Technical leads

    Appreciate how content strategy will help keep your project on track.
  • Designers and developers

    Make sure your excellent efforts aren't scuppered by poor quality content.

About me – the author!

I'm a technologically-minded content strategist who specialises in helping startups and quick-moving companies grow their business through content. I have an MA in English from Cambridge University and a MSc (distinction) in Global Politics from the London School of Economics.