Customers come to your website for the content

Customers come to you because they have a problem and they think you might be able to help. Or they have a question that they hope you can answer. Or they want to learn more about something and think you might be a credible authority. If you give them what they need when they need it they are more likely to buy from you, talk about you to their friends, and generally think you are pretty cool people. Read more about how you can use content strategy to drive sales.

Explain why people should buy your product or service

Your content should clearly explain how your product or service will benefit your customer – which means understanding exactly who your customers are, what they want and what content appeals to them. It should also show why they should buy from you and not a competitor; that you are credible; and that you are memorable. All your content should work towards these goals. How can you make sure that it does? Through a set of content strategy deliverables that will improve the overall performance of your content and drive sales.

Use all your content to drive sales

Content strategy isn't simply about making sure that you have a decent blog. It's about taking a holistic look at all of your content – right from your support answers to your 404 pages, micro copy and documentation – to make sure that it is all user friendly and communicates key messages about your brand. Looking at all your content rather than just at your content marketing stats also provides key lessons about what is working in your website and what isn't. For example, your support queue will tell you a huge amount about how well your content is serving customers and potential customers.

Take control of your content

These days it can feel like you're running a mini publishing company alongside your core business. Content strategy is about taking control of the content creation and governance process so you only show your customers content that is useful, usable and enjoyable. You can do this by making sure that you have content strategy deliverables in place such as an editorial calendar, style guide, message architecture and content templates that keep you on track. This strategic approach to content means that you use content to drive sales, and save yourself a lot of stress and hassle in the process.

"Hannah has done a fantastic job as Content Strategist for SendOwl. She brought us up to speed on best practices, identified areas we needed to address and put a plan in place to tackle it. She takes ownership of the tasks to be completed and consistently goes over and above what we see as her duties as the "content strategist role". Highly recommended. George Palmer, founder of SendOwl.

Key benefits of content strategy

  • Make sure all your content is focused on user need
  • Link up content across your organisation
  • Get rid of content that is stopping customers buying
  • Test and measure success

How I work

Content strategy report

I begin with an audit of your current content, which reviews your success consistently communicating your business and brand goals through your website, blog, social channels and through any other media.

I will provide an expert review of your current content looking at style, tone of voice, blog topics, calls to action and use of different content types (graphics, copy, statistics, videos). I will then recommend how you can grow your business using content.

This report will also include a snapshot analysis of what your main competitors are doing in terms of content, which can provide valuable insights into where your business needs to focus in order to stand out.

£699 - The cost also includes an hour-long meeting or call to discuss the findings of the audit in detail. This will include an opportunity for you to ask any questions about the audit, or about content best practice, and decide on next steps.

Ongoing support

I work on a monthly basis for select clients as their in-house content strategist.

I'll start by producing a content strategy report that identifies areas of improvements. I'll then tackle these areas, with the help of your team. Because I often work for relatively lean teams, I tend to combine the roles of content strategist, content marketer, ux designer and copywriter.

£340 per day

Hire me

Get in touch at so we can talk about what you need.